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 Demo tag rearrangement
Argument: Naming , Reference: generic , Closed by: root
kazumi213 @ 2009-01-12 16:09:28

I would like to change current "Devstatus" tags:

(Kiosk Demo)
(Wi-Fi Kiosk Demo)
(Wi-Fi Kiosk Demos)

into "Devstatus" + "Additional" tags

(Demo) (Kiosk)
(Demo) (Wi-Fi Kiosk)

for a more unified devstatus tagging.

xuom2 @ 2009-01-19 22:03:03

Sure, I agree with unified devstatus tagging :)
Connie @ 2009-01-23 05:49:57

I agree with the above but think that the naming on all these xxxx carts should be looked at.

1) "Demo Version" should be used instead of "Demo" because this is what is printed on most carts and is shown within the ROMs header.

2) "DS Download Station - Volume x" should be used instead of "DS Download Station Vol. x" because this is what is printed on most carts and the hyphen represents a 'series'.
kazumi213 @ 2009-01-23 08:45:13

1) I've recently revised the titles in the xxxx section for both NDS and GBA systems and I noticed that the "Demo Version" has been blatantly (but consistently) ommitted in titles. I decided not to add it because some demo cards don't display "Demo Version" at all and it would be redundant anyway since we have the (Demo) tag.

Note however that some Japanese demo titles still contain "Taikenban". I will remove it for the above reasons.

Now about using (Demo Version) instead of (Demo), I don't agree. I think it's unnecessary. Devstatus tags in convention are "Demo", "Proto" and "Beta". In fact we should be using "Sample" instead of "Demo" according to Convention, but this can wait.

2) You are absolutely right. I will implement this along with the tag rearrangement.