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Argument: Naming , Reference: 2435 , Closed by: root
hydr0x @ 2009-02-09 07:54:40

Should we really use (Germany) here? The addition of Sv as a language (is that Slovakian or Swedish?) clearly indicates a release outside of Germany. Has anyone even tried to look for such a release?
kazumi213 @ 2009-02-09 12:48:11

2435 - Wilden Huehner und die Jagd nach dem Rubinherz, Die (Germany) (En,De,Sv)

has a "D" serial, so we use (Germany). No further considerations required.

"Sv" stands for "Swedish" ("Svenska") according the ISO 639-1 language codes.
hydr0x @ 2009-02-09 14:18:19

What now? Could we all agree whether to use the serial for the release region tag or the actual release region? Cause last time this came up (UK etc discussion) wasn't it you who wanted to move away from the serial=region tag method? Otherwise there would never be a (UK) tag...

I really think we need a thread about this and finally decide to either go with tag=serial or with tag=actual proven release region. This mixing of both methods doesn't make sense... (to me, at least)
kazumi213 @ 2009-02-10 03:20:35

Honestly, I can't understand the difficulty: there is no inconsistency and we aren't mixing methods at all.

1. Show me games featuring country-*specific* serials which are not using the corresponding country tag.

2. The (serial != country tag) discussion applies only to country-*unspecific* serials, which are the Europe-linked ones: P, X, Y, Z, W,...

3. We initially apply the (Europe) tag because this is safe. Only when we have evidence enough we change to a specific country tag, i.e.: the common (Europe) -> (Germany) changes, the recent (Europe) -> (France) change and, eventually, the wip (Europe) -> (United Kingdom) change.