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 DSi dumps should all be marked [b]
Argument: Naming , Reference: generic , Closed by: root
kiczek @ 2009-08-23 01:01:58

other then My_Healthy_Cooking_Coach_PROPER_USA_NDS-SUXXORS

all other DSi dumps should be marked [b] for incomplete header / missing dsi specific code.

the SUXXORS works ktnx
kazumi213 @ 2009-08-23 10:12:47

I cannot test by myself. So are the NDSi features working on the hardware when using the dump by Suxxors?
kazumi213 @ 2009-09-07 13:32:00

Implemented based on data differences with Suxxors' redump: lack of NDSi-specific header block and wrong padding at end of ROM on previous dumps. Whether Suxxors dump actually works in NDSi mode is still unknown.