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Connie » 2012-02-08 02:50:58

Pokemon Ruby (Germany) (Debug Version)
>>> Pokemon - Rubin-Edition (Germany) (Debug Version)

Should be moved to 'x' numbering as per forum discussion.
BigFred » 2012-02-10 03:43:19

Can you get this to work? I couldn't so I could not check the title. There still appears to be much english language in it.
Connie » 2012-02-10 11:22:16

Hello BigFred.
Nice to see you're still busy :)

Game runs fine under latest SVN build of DeSmuME.
Grab the 4172 build from here:

It doesn't appear to make any difference, but I boot with the BIOS and firmware files supplied/enabled for both GBA/DS. Options > Emulator > Synchronize, Auto patching, real time clock & use bios file enabled.

Game boots with German title screen. German Options/menus. Game start text is German. I get as far as riding in the van at the start and then don't understand the German message. It doesn't appear like some crappy 'google translate' version though - ever played 'Digimon - Ruby'? lol

Anyway, your call. :)