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no freeze patch
Category: ROM data
Reference: 2931
Closed (rejected) by: root.
Baosen » 2004-04-17 16:15:40

Every time i play the game its freeze after i click on "Yep-p". I need a patch to fix that!!!!!!!!
CharlieF » 2004-04-17 16:35:09

I checked and you are right. I thought it had been fixed in a previous version of VBA, but it appears to be broken again in the current VBA release. I don't know anything about a current patch for it.
bigfred » 2004-04-18 11:21:45

use VBA 1.7 beta3
kotobuki » 2004-05-14 00:51:08

This matter was discussed last year in usenet.....evidentally the game plays OK on the hardware....just had issues with the emulator.
I will assume that bigfred is correct and that the current emulator will play it.
But.....if you are using an old emu....then this is the cheat file to make it work ;)
RomUlan » 2004-05-27 01:11:52

Use the latest VBA 1.7.2