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Gremlins... - beta?
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RomUlan » 2004-03-30 08:37:30

isn't this a beta?
xuom2 » 2004-03-30 08:43:42

sure, but it's listed by pocketheaven, so we mantain it in list to keep the same numbering.
with last gba release our list will lose numbers and all these releases.
kiczek » 2004-04-03 18:04:27

do you have 12 carts to confirm this? did you get the game when it frist came out? Many games come out as version 1.0 and are updated later to a new version true both internal versions say 1.0 but programmers are lazy the Intro screans clearly show the update version. Your guessing and aren't sure say so! don't be an ahole and say hey pocketheaven lists betas bc they don't... if the original gremlins was a beta it would have replaced the old one... get a clue dude..

Froggers_Journey_The_Forgotten_Relic_USA_GBA_REDUM P_INTERNAL-iND oh and you allways guess buch of silly ****s you guys are
xuom2 » 2004-04-03 20:39:59

:D kiczek thanks, i appreciate your work.
bigfred » 2004-04-04 11:18:15

Nice, never realized the different number in the title of Gremlins. Thanks for the hint. So we have to find a redump of version 1, too :(
Well, however: You say, PH would have replaced the dump if it turned out being a beta? They didn't even replace the obviuos bad dump of 648 till today. Or the badly hacked 1047.