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save fix
Category: ROM data
Reference: 3313
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Dopefish » 2004-02-01 15:53:29

When you remove the save fix and run the game for the first time it takes a few seconds to load, whereas the "original" save fixed version by Eurasia makes the logo screen appear immediately.
I assure you that this problem is NOT MY FAULT. After removing the save fix I carefully tested the game (playing, saving, loading etc.) and it works fine. I found out that you just have to play and save the game once (i.e. a battery file exists) and then it runs regularly.
I suppose that the delay is some kind of a memory check of EEPROM_V124 that's only performed once. This theory fits to the effect of the save fixed version, because it then uses SRAM to save and the check needn't or couldn't be done anymore.
Have fun everyone! :)