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Problem with auto load
Category: ROM data
Reference: 3120
Closed (accepted) by: root.
Quickgold » 2004-08-10 08:26:04

Yesterday, I apply a 1138 patch to Mortal Kombat - Tournament Edition (Mode 7) (Intro Hack)
and it patched OK (D4EF03EE -> 1FFF8B75) but I don't know if somebody else see a little issue with the game battery (I use VBA) when I use for first time the emulator with the new ips pached game or I try to reset, the auto load profile is OFF, I managed auto load profile inside the options and changed to ON but it doesn't works and it puts Off, only load manually, I check the rom file with romcenter and it puts GREEN, so what happens ?
PD: The game with Mode 7 Intro Hack works the auto load profile option.? :?
bigfred » 2004-08-10 12:13:40

This was coolhj's first patch and it seems he made a mistake here. This patch fixes the problem and probably restores the original crc since it seems Mode7 didn't change the start-address here as they did later on. New crc is 968be7bc
coolhj » 2004-08-10 13:19:12

Yes I didn't notic the start-address when the first time I remove intro, now bigfred's patch is perfect , maybe it will match the correct crc.
bigfred » 2004-08-10 13:47:40

First time is always hard :) Now we are a lot more experienced lol
Quickgold » 2004-08-10 15:51:02

Thanks bigfred for your fix it works OK.