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GBA Redump - Lufia bad dump
Category: ROM data
Reference: x215
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gaijin » 2006-08-10 09:24:40

Lufia has end removed? Bad dump?
kazumi213 » 2006-08-10 18:37:53

If possible for you, try to play the (J) release for Lufia:

Chinmoku no Iseki - Estpolis Gaiden (J)

using your latest savegame to check its ending.
Yakushi~Kabuto » 2006-08-10 20:21:08

This is possibly (and probably) a bad dump indeed
IIRC the first (introed) release was nulled due to a crash in game while selling an item in shops. a second released occured immediately after without that crash and without any intro but I believe it was a hack of the first bad dump.
I don't remember of any third release, correct me if I'm wrong.
Connie » 2006-08-10 20:41:15

How come we never marked this as (b) then? Surely we were waiting on a re-dump?
CharlieF » 2006-08-11 02:12:55

The header information of file Lufia.gba
Software Title: LUFIA
Game Serial: AGB-AGDE-USA
Maker Code: EB
Publisher: Atlus
Version: 1.0
Logo Code: OK
Complement: 48h
Save Type: SRAM_F_V102 (256Kbit)
File Size: 64 mbit (8388608 bytes)

This is what I get from my store purchased version of the game.
Looks the same as the dat to me.
Yakushi~Kabuto » 2006-08-11 17:57:44


I guess it's an emulation flaw then
generalleoff » 2006-12-03 08:56:43

yea I had re checked this dump several times in the past from my original cart and it's the same as in the dat.