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Korokoro vs. Koro Koro
Category: Naming
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Prominos » 2023-06-07 19:24:32

I think it should probably be Koro Koro instead of Korokoro, Koro Koro is an onomeatopeic word that means "rolling" it's similar to how Doki Doki is the sound of a Heart Beating representing things like love or excitement. You'll notice that games like Doki Doki litterature club or Doki Doki Panic are romanized with a space. I think it should be the same situation for this game. Btw there's no space in any of these word in Japanese kanas but it's kinda standard to add it when romanizing.
omonim2007 » 2024-02-05 05:21:18

We need the opinion of professional translators on this issue.