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GBA: Qwak (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) (Unl)
Category: Naming
Reference: x067
Closed (rejected) by: root.
Bile Demon » 2008-11-06 04:00:49

I see you have the Qwak GBA Demo listed as ROM number x066.
Then I guess x067 is supposed to be the dumped full version.

Would you please open up that file in a hex (or text) editor and have a closer look at the last few hundred kilobytes of the ROM. I'm not an expert, but that looks a lot like dummy data to me, which was just added to the available demo version (search for the string 'demo' in it). It's probably a fake.

Maybe I just got the wrong version (with the exact same size), then please correct me.

kazumi213 » 2008-11-06 14:14:26

Please check ROM hashes to verify the files you have. Size is not enough.

Yes x067 is the full version. If you play both ROMs on emulator you'll find quite some differences:

- Nag screen in demo version.
- 5 (working) languages in full version
- Difficulty setting in full version
- Difficulty setting and high scores are saved in full version
- Second level is different in full version

In addition to the above, demo version should allow you to play only a certain number of levels. The exact number I don't know. Try for yourself, then try the full version.

If you find demo limits in the full version, please report.
Bile Demon » 2008-11-07 00:07:52

Oh, you're absolutely right. I've tested both of them on an emulator myself now (it's the same size and same hash). There are really those mentioned differences. My mistake. I don't know what I saw yesterday.

I'm sorry for that false alarm and for wasting your time. Please close that issue.

Thank you,
Bile Demon