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Reference: 2593
Closed (accepted) by: Hiccup.
Anonymous » 2022-05-23 11:48:43

Archive name needs to be changed to "Nintendo NTF2 System Cartridge (USA) (v1.1) (Test Program)" to be consistent with the other two NTF2 Test Cartridge archives.
Headerless info needs to be corrected as follows:
Size: 98304
CRC32: e149e0b2
MD5: 8738cbb08b66093e035d75fc9c3c36be
SHA-1: e285527f842a1319701f1bc1e2ed1630f8e5fe63
SHA-256: 511f61de91e6cd3483b9f144555202f5c8b935d991e79d3b5f71341df5cfca3e