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Unlicensed Flag Not Set for Some Homebrew Titles
DeeKnow » 2022-08-26 02:25:10

Recent additions across several platforms don't have the licensed flag set properly, so they show up in dats that specify only licensed titles.

Nintendo - Game Boy

Bounce (World) (v1.1) (Homebrew)
Doctor GB Card 16M Loader (World) (Homebrew)
Doctor GB Card 4M (World) (Homebrew)
Doctor GB Card Demo (World) (Demo) (Homebrew)

Nintendo - Game Boy Color

Pie Crust (World) (v1.0) (Homebrew)

Nintendo - Nintendo 64

R64 by Remute (World)
Anonymous » 2022-09-01 01:02:28

Got more titles to add to this along with the below ones that still haven't been fixed:

Nintendo - Game Boy

Bung Greetings Demo (World) (Demo) (Homebrew)
Bung New Year's Greetings Demo (World) (Demo) (Homebrew)
Bung's Math Test (World) (Homebrew)
Doctor GB Card Demo (World) (Demo) (Homebrew) (Alt)
DeeKnow » 2022-09-06 01:01:40

Is there a way to move this ticket to the Game Boy instead of Game Boy Color? Most of the titles with this issue by far are for that system (and still don't have the aftermarket/unlicensed flag(s) set as of the most recent dat update). My mistake for opening the ticket under this system.