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jumphil » 2023-02-03 19:33:11

The dev only uses "Powa!" capitalization, but the publisher only uses all caps "POWA!" in marketing. It's all caps in the games' logo and in the back cover text, so I would say all caps is the more correct spelling. Also, publisher says this game is both DMG+CGB compatible and SGB enhanced.
rarenight » 2023-03-11 21:11:14

Game is DMG compatible, but ROM is originally distributed as a .gbc file. I added that footnote, thanks.

Dev appears to use Powa! and POWA! interchangeably.
- POWA! (Eng).gbc filename
- Powa! OST folder name
- Powa! ©2020 aiguanachein in readme
- Powa! MEGAPACK (ROM-OST-COMIC).zip archive name
- Help Powa! to get back to the village. description
- POWA! for GB(C) YouTube marketing

I don't think there's consensus either way.