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Add BLAKE2 to checksum
Category: ROM data
Anonymous » 2020-02-27 21:00:19

Hi can you add BLAKE2 for all ROMs on datomatic because it is supposed to be faster and safer than MD5 and SHA-1.

According to this website:
Hiccup » 2020-02-28 01:33:53

Seems like there is an even faster variation called BLAKE3

Might that be an even better addition?
Ano » 2022-04-18 14:46:54

Don't use cryptographic hash functions for speed! There are really fast Non-cryptographic hash functions such as xxHash. These have the same collision resistant properties except they are not crypto-safe; thus they can be designed and build for raw performance.
Hiccup » 2022-04-21 14:58:11

I guess there is no harm adding extra hashes. I've added it to the suggestions page on the wiki.
Anonymous » 2022-08-06 03:17:29

BLAKE3 is, let be honest, a cut off BLAKE2, less secure (Still secure enough, though). BLAKE3 and XXH are the fastest secure checksum hashes. But, BLAKE2 is widespread, more secure, and is present on all Linux systems, so I think it must be added 1st. All the others are not a part of Coreutils.

On speed, BLAKE3 and XXH are equally fast, it all bottlenecks into the drive's speed, and I have an NVMe SSD, still doesn't outperform each other. Then, from less collision standpoint, may I propose SKEIN-1024-1024? 1024-bit! The only 1024-bit hash that has passed most rounds of the SHA3 competition. Additionally, as Perl C modules on Github by Gray, other hashes exist: BLAKE1, ECHO, GROESTL, JH, SKEIN. Isn't a little strange we don't have the 1st most secure BLAKE? Non-cryptographic fuzzy hashes can be useful for knowing how similar a file is: SSDEEP, TLSH. For the future, in case SHA is broken, SHA3 is never a bad idea to add. Anyway, this is probably overkill, stick with BLAKE2 for Osiris' and wider compatibility's sake.

In short, BLAKE2, the B variant, is default on Linux and is present everywhere including RHash for Windows, unlike BLAKE3. Therefore BLAKE2b should be added before BLAKE3.
Anonymous » 2022-08-06 03:18:12

*XXH are the fastest checksum