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New dump for Miitopia (Europe) [Nintendo 3DS]
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Sprax » 2022-07-29 09:16:30

Greetings! I am totally confused regarding how to properly contribute. Theres the wiki and it sometimes links to and theres no definite/straightforward guide I found... So I try my best!

I copied the .3ds and .txt file from the game cadrige to my sd card. This message contains 'My Dump', 'Dumped GodMode txt' and 'ctrtool_log.txt'. Please let me know if anything is missing or can be added, I'm still new to this ^^

- - - My dump ---

Dumping tool and version: GodMode9 v2.1.1
Dump creation date: 2022-07-29

Title: Miitopia
Region: Europe
Languages: EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL (according to the back of the package)

Size (bytes): 958160896
CRC32: 7224cc57
MD5: 192654ea7f2dbbb97130a35b5d4b1dfa
SHA-1: 9d86f040abe9b4222059d6349929e8904004e85f
SHA-256: a750f7683afa0e8a5a78cc3dc36a7e0eb10a078e30459ebb273d277ea1f2f80d

PCB Serial: ▼ DI L-4 D01-10
Box Barcode: 0 45496 47542 0

Images Box/PCB:
Same images but direct links:
Box front:
Box back:
Box inside:
PCB front:
PCB back:

- - - Dumped GodMode txt ---

Title ID : 00040000001B4F00
Product Code : CTR-P-ADQP
Revision : 0
Cart ID : 9080FA45
Platform : O3DS
Save Type : SPI
Save chip ID : C22213
Timestamp : 2022-07-22 14:54:11
GM9 Version : v2.1.1

- - - ctrtool_log.txt - - -

Header: NCSD
Signature: (GOOD) 07E11A98FFA1077B5816ACDC3BE159E0167879E17B677B83C402327E6CF5419C
RomSize: 1GB (Used: 0x391C6000)
TitleId: 00040000001b4f00

Partition 0
Id: 00040000001b4f00
Area: 0x00004000-0x36015000
FsType: 00
CryptoType: 00

Partition 1
Id: 00050000001b4f00
Area: 0x36015000-0x3615E000
FsType: 00
CryptoType: 00

Partition 6
Id: 2c300000201b4f00
Area: 0x3615E000-0x36AE7000
FsType: 00
CryptoType: 00

Partition 7
Id: 2c300000001b4f00
Area: 0x36AE7000-0x391C6000
FsType: 00
CryptoType: 00

Flags: 0001000101010000
BackupWriteWaitTime: 00
BackupSecurityVersion: 01
CardInfo: 00
CardDevice: 01 (NorFlash)
MediaPlatform: 01 [CTR]
MediaType: 01 (CARD1)
MediaBlockSize: 00 (0x200)
WriteableRegion: 0xFFFFFFFF
CardType: S1 (0)
CryptoType: Secure1 (1)
MediaSizeUsed: 0x391C6000
TitleVersion: 0.0.0 (v0)
CardRevision: 0
CVer TitleId: 000400db00017102
CVer Version: 11.3.0 (v11312)
KeySource: 004F1B00000004000000000000000000
Enc TitleKey: 4C5B1C4BA3847E69256EF67BDAAFAAFC (decrypted: 4FFD2B6A0045251098DE22A63CA31C11)
MAC: (GOOD) D1E55FD608460B79B6149462F40C6AF4

Header: NCCH
Signature: (GOOD) 51B6EAF20EF36760B7C6B84A273460282D9D47B4207031E8BD12AFA3C1EBA34D
Content size: 0x36011000
Title id: 00040000001b4f00
Maker code: 00
FormatVersion: 2
Title seed check: 00000000
Program id: 00040000001b4f00
Logo hash: (GOOD) 2A98C49D919E254E15DC213CAB47A800ED63B248DCD43119E8FB82D9E62AE51C
Product code: CTR-P-ADQP
Exheader size: 0x400
Exheader hash: (GOOD) C913E524C5BC05901650F1BB798C9A23DB6578AF2C1459884F86B79268EA93CE
Flags: 0000000101030000
> Crypto Key Secure (1)
> ContentPlatorm: CTR
> FormType: Executable
> ContentType: Application
> BlockSize: 0x200
Plain region offset: 0x00002a00
Plain region size: 0x00000200
Logo offset: 0x00000a00
Logo size: 0x00002000
ExeFS offset: 0x00002c00
ExeFS size: 0x00818400
ExeFS hash region size: 0x00000200
RomFS offset: 0x0081b000
RomFS size: 0x357f6000
RomFS hash region size: 0x00000400
ExeFS hash: (GOOD) 63E9A3A589CB2FB4B49FA147F7942431D3993432F8F80B985CEB42FB74C29B94
RomFS hash: (GOOD) 85BD717D91C1BE49381C553B9035F681F84B048EC162BD0E40620F8E6BFBD8B5

Extended header:
Signature: (GOOD) 4A1B2FD6559BD77EB167F100DEE1BD08554AEDD22A0498C5B6504537BE5AE8B1
NCCH Hdr RSA Modulus: A931A490F9C1D078F7057CB39EC8536FED101FACADE655699B15EDB2A8E9A900
Name: mimic
Flags: 00
Remaster version: 0000
Code text address: 0x00100000
Code text size: 0x0070870C
Code text max pages: 0x00000709 (0x00709000)
Code ro address: 0x00809000
Code ro size: 0x0007A718
Code ro max pages: 0x0000007B (0x0007B000)
Code data address: 0x00884000
Code data size: 0x0004BFA8
Code data max pages: 0x0000004C (0x0004C000)
Code bss size: 0x00069A88
Code stack size: 0x00008000
Dependency: 0004013000002402
Dependency: 0004013000003802
Dependency: 0004013000001502
Dependency: 0004013000003402
Dependency: 0004013000001602
Dependency: 0004013000002602
Dependency: 0004013000001702
Dependency: 0004013000001802
Dependency: 0004013000002702
Dependency: 0004013000002802
Dependency: 0004013000001a02
Dependency: 0004013000003202
Dependency: 0004013000001b02
Dependency: 0004013000001c02
Dependency: 0004013000001d02
Dependency: 0004013000002902
Dependency: 0004013000001e02
Dependency: 0004013000003302
Dependency: 0004013000001f02
Dependency: 0004013000002002
Dependency: 0004013000002b02
Dependency: 0004013000003502
Dependency: 0004013000004002
Dependency: 0004013000002c02
Dependency: 0004013000002d02
Dependency: 0004013000002102
Dependency: 0004013000003102
Dependency: 0004013000002202
Dependency: 0004013020004202
Dependency: 0004013000003702
Dependency: 0004013000002e02
Dependency: 0004013000002302
Dependency: 0004013000002f02
Savedata size: 512K
Jump id: 00040000001b4f00
Program id: 00040000001b4f00 (GOOD)
Core version: 0x00000002
System mode: prod (AppMemory: 64MB) (GOOD)
System mode (New3DS): snake prod (AppMemory: 124MB) (GOOD)
CPU Speed (New3DS): 804MHz (GOOD)
Enable L2 Cache: YES (GOOD)
Ideal processor: 0 (GOOD)
Affinity mask: 1 (GOOD)
Main thread priority: 48 (GOOD)
MaxCpu: 158
Ext savedata id: 0x0000000000000000
System savedata id 1: 0x00000000 (GOOD)
System savedata id 2: 0x00000000 (GOOD)
OtherUserSaveDataId1: 0x00000
OtherUserSaveDataId2: 0x00000
OtherUserSaveDataId3: 0x00000
Accessible Savedata Ids:
> 0x01b4f
> 0x008c4
> 0x01c06
Other Variation Saves: Accessible
FS access: (GOOD) 0x00000000000080
> Direct SDMC
Service access: (GOOD)
> $hioFIO
> $hostio0
> $hostio1
> cfg:u
> fs:USER
> gsp::Gpu
> hid:USER
> ndm:u
> pxi:dev
> ac:u
> act:u
> am:app
> boss:U
> cam:u
> cecd:u
> dlp:FKCL
> dlp:SRVR
> dsp::DSP
> frd:u
> http:C
> ir:USER
> ldr:ro
> mic:u
> news:u
> nfc:u
> nim:aoc
> nwm::UDS
> ptm:u
> qtm:u
> soc:U
> ssl:C
> y2r:u
Reslimit category: 00
IoMapping: 0x1FF50000-0x1FF57FFF
IoMapping: 0x1FF70000-0x1FF77FFF
StaticMapping: 0x1F000000-0x1F5FFFFF:r
Kernel flags:
> Allow debug: YES
> Force debug: NO
> Allow non-alphanum: NO
> Shared page writing: NO
> Privilege priority: NO
> Allow main() args: NO
> Shared device mem: NO
> Memory Type: APPLICATION
> Runnable on sleep: NO
> Special memory: NO
> Access Core 2: NO
Handle table size: 0x200
Kernel release version: 2.50
Allowed systemcalls: 01, 02, 03, 06, 08, 09, 0A, 0B, 0C, 0F, 11, 13,
14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F,
20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 2A, 2B, 2C,
2D, 2E, 2F, 30, 31, 32, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 3A,
3B, 3C, 3D
Allowed interrupts: none
> UseDirectSdmc
Desc Version: 0x3

Section name: .code
Section offset: 0x00000200
Section size: 0x007d0000
Section hash: (GOOD) 6F296EDEF14E491317987128F267E0DC09A668CE24C06807D51C93F82047BDFB
Section name: banner
Section offset: 0x007d0200
Section size: 0x000448f8
Section hash: (GOOD) BC4DF557C9983A762D5CFAFCACD0C9A5C72E912AAFAA40151C7B02FB88298324
Section name: icon
Section offset: 0x00814c00
Section size: 0x000036c0
Section hash: (GOOD) E03900876771E48A512BBDCE41C7DC02C1CDAD8CC955FDD3517E480438D157C1

Header: IVFC
Id: 00010000
Master hash size: 0x000001c0
Header size: 0x0000005c

Level 0: (GOOD)
Offset: 0x00000000 (Actual: 0x35145000)
Size: 0x0000d460
BlockSizeLog2: 0x0000000c (BlockSize: 0x00001000)

Level 1: (GOOD)
Offset: 0x0000e000 (Actual: 0x35153000)
Size: 0x006a2880
BlockSizeLog2: 0x0000000c (BlockSize: 0x00001000)

Level 2: (GOOD)
Offset: 0x006b1000 (Actual: 0x00001000)
Size: 0x35143fe0
BlockSizeLog2: 0x0000000c (BlockSize: 0x00001000)

Header size: 0x00000028
DirHashBucket offset: 0x00000028
DirHashBucket size: 0x00000184
DirEntryTable offset: 0x000001ac
DirEntryTable size: 0x00000f28
FileHashBucket offset: 0x000010d4
FileHashBucket size: 0x0000368c
FileEntryTable offset: 0x00004760
FileEntryTable size: 0x00047298
Data offset: 0x0004ba00

- - - End of message - - -
Hiccup » 2022-08-01 05:17:44

Hi. The best way to submit dumps is through the forum (or the email address). Sorry about the confusion - what was confusing about the instructions specifically? I can try and fix it. We've had a couple of people try and submit dumps through the tickets before, but they are really just for quick fixes to entries (for typos and such).

Anyway, your submission looks good, although I think you copied the trimmed file instead of the full one. Could you get the size and hashes for the full .3ds file?

Sprax » 2022-08-12 09:56:47

Hi, sorry I totally forgot about this and had the e-mail about your reply on unread for all that time >.<

I dumped the game again making sure it is not the .trim.3ds version and you are right, I accidentally dumped the wrong version.

Size (bytes): 1073741824
CRC32: 008e71cb
MD5: d75d1b39029f99e0443d350ba92b488d
SHA-1: 88fd6fab9fefa2cf1db38f715abaac58f3ac3422
SHA-256: 6b7b7e399a24d920d903569b0ec755167a25292988407602023c9013390abf74

Hopefully the other information did not change?
Anonymous » 2022-09-08 02:10:51

> Sorry about the confusion - what was confusing about the instructions specifically?

Mainly that there is not one clear 'source of truth' - It has been a while but I think I found three pages/wikis linked that all said similar things but still not the same. While needing to click on links on the to understand everything (I think an older wiki linked to three pages because three major things should be included in a dump request).

+ The forum does not state where to post dumps. Now that you've told me I guess it's the DAT-o-MATIC forum ( but when searching for a place to post a dump I didn't see any dumps on the front page and thought this is not it.

So maybe one dominantly placed link on DAT-o-MATIC with a link to where post dumps and another page that explains what to do exactly with a copy'n paste template that can be filled out.
Preferable with an explanation on what each value means (maybe as a part of a somewhat-step-by-step-guide).

I'll hapily offer my help in this regard but I'm totally new to this community so there is probably not much for me to do other than test it :D
I wouldn't mind dumping all my other games and providing some of them here if the steps are a bit easier/better documented – Already forgot what I did 2 months ago xD

Would you like me to post the dump in the forum again to properly process it?
Hiccup » 2022-09-09 11:42:40

Thanks, added the dump - no need to repost it anywhere.

I might have cleaned up the wikis/ a bit since you last checked - I did do some changes recently.

Dumps go in the "New Dumps & Redumps" forum, but you can't see that unless you are registered.

There is a notice of some kind, but maybe it needs improvement (see attachment).

Yeah it would be great if we could discuss the user experience (as it were).
It'd be easiest if we could talk on the discord (linked on the wiki):, but tell me if you'd prefer another way to talk.
Anonymous » 2022-09-09 14:33:42

Oh I actually didn't see that somehow...

I've joined the Discord server and am creating a forum account for the future.

Thank's for your help!