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Wrong system
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Closed (accepted) by: rarenight.
Psychofox11 » 2024-04-03 22:03:39

As this is simply an Atari 2600 cart labeled as a 7800 cart - due to the 7800's backwards compatibility - it is a 2600 cart. It matches the one here:
This would be similar to a Gameboy cartridge being labeled as Gameboy Advance simply because it will work in it - but it would still be a Gameboy cart and work on one.
If no one objects I may relocate it after a bit as a redump of the 2600 one with a '7800' label.
Psychofox11 » 2024-04-03 22:32:44

Nevermind, on second thought this was pretty straightforward so I made the change.