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Nintendo - Game Boy Color

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Peugeot - Orbital Diagnostic System (Unknown) (Alt) (Unl) [b]
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Section: Trusted Dump
Status: Bad
Media serial 1:
Region: Unknown
Dump tool: Flash Boy Cyclone v3.1 with Flash Boy Cyclone v3.2
Dump date: 2022-01-27
Release date: 2022-01-28
Dumper: unit3uk
Project: No-Intro
Link 1:
Original format: Default
Datter: Hiccup
Comment 1:
Probably missing data
Comment 2:
FlashGBX v3.3 software gives the same result.
1 file(s)
Format: Default
Peugeot - Orbital Diagnostic System (Unknown) (Alt) (Unl) [b].gbc
   Size: 32768
   CRC32: 424912fe   
   MD5: 615ceab2d4482855f6f226559b2e1764
   SHA-1: bd5735021e4593ec07082e6197e683496d0ecf0b
   SHA-256: db15fb847e2daef4f51743647180251100dc5c0334d799470243cb6407f763e7
PCB serial(s):
Chip serial(s) 1:
Media front:
PCB back:
PCB front:

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