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(no flag)   10 Shuunen Kinen Memorial Box   10th Anniversary Limited Edition   Append Edition   Best Collection   Deluxe Pack   EA Best Hits   Final Mix   FW3.80   FW3.95   FW3.96   FW4.01   Genteiban   GPS Receiver Doukonban   Greatest Hits   International   Kinou Genteiban   Koudansha Prize   Limited Edition   Limited Edition Disc   Limited Game Disc   Map Software   Memory Card   Microphone Doukonban   Obenkyou Pack   Okaidokuban   Platinum   Platinum Edition   Pre-Production   Premium Box   Premium Pack   PSN & Store   PSP Bundle Edition   PSP Essentials   PSP The Best   Rockstar Classics   Season's Greetings! Ver.   Shokai Genteiban   Shokai Seisanban   Software Doukonban   Software Tantaiban   Spain & Portugal Map Pack   Special Edition   Super Premium Box   Toku Toku Pack   Tokubetsuban   Touhoku-Chihou Taiheiyou-Oki Jishin Hisaichi Charity Ban   with and without GPS Receiver Doukonban  

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